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Essentials for Mum

As you near the end of your pregnancy, you probably have everything sorted for baby but what about yourself?You might have packed your hospital bag but even that's a bit of unknown territory as you're not really sure what you'll need for the labour or the days following. At least you've packed plenty of outfits for baby!The following are a list of basics you might like to have on hand for yourself in the hours, days and weeks following the birth of your baby....

July 7, 2019

Why you should consider a toddler bed

Moving your child from their cot to a 'big bed' can be daunting - for the child and the parents! If your child is climbing out of their cot, it makes sense to move them into a bed. However, sometimes we might move our child before they're ready which might cause extra stress for them and us. Some reasons for the big move include:  You're expecting another baby and need the cot for the younger sibling;You think your child needs more space than the cot allows;You're excited for your child to ...

June 4, 2019

Does your child need a night light?

A night light is not something on the 'new baby essentials' lists but you'll definitely need some sort of light to help you through those early morning feeds with a newborn.  As your child grows and eventually moves into their own room, you might find you no longer need a light to see - especially if yours is the type to sleep through the night. However, as your baby becomes a toddler, they may start to experience nightmares or become scared of a pitch black room. They are - after all - bec...

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