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Does your child need a night light?

A night light is not something on the 'new baby essentials' lists but you'll definitely need some sort of light to help you through those early morning feeds with a newborn. 

As your child grows and eventually moves into their own room, you might find you no longer need a light to see - especially if yours is the type to sleep through the night.

However, as your baby becomes a toddler, they may start to experience nightmares or become scared of a pitch black room. They are - after all - becoming extremely aware of their surroundings and their little imaginations are starting to run wild!

A night light gives their room a gentle glow as they settle to sleep or when they wake in the night and need help finding their comforter. 

Why choose an Aloka Night Light?

We stock 19 varieties of the Aloka Night Light (including a tractor, princess, butterfly, giraffe and train) - it won't be hard to find one to match your child's unique personality! 

The Aloka Night Light is a remote-controlled, low voltage and low heat light with 13 colour options that can all be dimmed. There is a low dim setting for overnight use, as well as a timer (so you can set it to turn off at a specific time), a reading light setting and fun rainbow light function. 

The Aloka Night Light also has a dual power setting which means even in a power cut, your child's night light will work with batteries. 

Will the Aloka Night Light help my child sleep?

It may take a few nights for your child to become used to having a light on in their room, so make sure to stick with the new routine for at least a couple of days.

We can't guarantee the Aloka Night Light will help your child sleep through but it may help to ease any fears they have and will enable them to find their dummy or other comforter during the night. 

Your girly girl will love her new fairy night light and your boisterous boy will be fascinated by his new fire-breathing dragon that sits beside his bed (and of course, all girls and boys will love any of the 19 options). This new novelty present for their room might just help your child hop into bed a little quicker - and stay there!


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