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Why you should consider a toddler bed

The big transition

Moving your child from their cot to a 'big bed' can be daunting - for the child and the parents!

If your child is climbing out of their cot, it makes sense to move them into a bed. However, sometimes we might move our child before they're ready which might cause extra stress for them and us.

Some reasons for the big move include: 

  • You're expecting another baby and need the cot for the younger sibling;
  • You think your child needs more space than the cot allows;
  • You're excited for your child to move into a big bed;
  • You simply feel it's time/they're too old for a cot.

A happy medium

Remember, if your child is happy in their cot, don't feel like you need to rush to move them into a bed! 

At Baby Depot, we stock a range of cots that convert into toddler beds which allows for a happy medium and easier transition for your child.

A toddler bed is your child's cot converted into a smaller-than-single size bed.


  • Your child is familiar with the bed because it's still their cot;
  • It gets them used to sleeping without sides/bars surrounding them before making the transition into a single bed which can seem HUGE for a toddler;
  • Their room layout will remain the same as you can keep the toddler bed in the same spot.


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