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Bowron Shorn Sheep Skin



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This cot lambskin fleece from Bowron Babycare is for the comfort of your Baby, it is made of the best soft natural Lambskin. A real lambskin in the softest quality, specially prepared for babies.
Soft and comfortable to lie on. Can be used in prams, carrycots and cots for added warmth in winter.


  • Washable
    Helps sooth and calm babies.
    Comes in a bag so take with you wherever baby goes.

About Bowron Babycare

Bowrons high quality 100% lambskin babycare rugs are so versatile, they can be used in a crib, on the floor or in a playpen. Sheepskin is known to calm, sooth and comfort babies faster than any other type of baby bedding. *If the lambskin is used as an item of bedding, it is recommended that babies under 1 years of age are positioned on their backs and the sheep skin is covered with a sheet* More than a million babies around the world in the last twenty years can thank a young New Zealand mother for her wonderful idea. She had seen long term hospital patients benefit from lying on sheepskin bed pads, and felt that sheepskin might help relieve the pain of her child who was in hospital with a broken thigh. It worked. The sheepskin gave her child great comfort and from that was born the idea that resulted in today's Babycare lambskins. The mother then thought that newborn babies might benefit from the security and comfort of a natural wool sleeper. She explained her idea to Bowron. The Bowron researchers, in co-operation with the Wool Research Organisation, began a four year development programme to find the perfect lambskin for babies. After an extensive testing program with the New Zealand Parents Centres Inc, the Babycare lambskins went on sale in New Zealand and Australia in 1970 and were an instant success. Today Bowron Babycare lambskins are sought after by caring mothers all over the world.
Shorn (shortwool):

Dimensions: Length: 32 to 37" (81 to 94cm)
Minimum width: 19" (48cm)
Wool length: 1 1/4" (30mm)
Color: Oaten

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